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Your thoughtfulness resonates with us all

and your generosity surpasses every mountain,

You have fine tuned what it means to live well,

You’ve climbed the bridge of everlasting love,

You’ve always been a great Dad, uncle, grandpa and husband,

Denny loves all things sweet, including his sweetheart Mary,

 Mary says; she marvels at your thoughtful gift giving skills,

and admires how you love little Reesie to pieces,

You wrap others with a blanket of kindness and serve everyone with favor,

You are an avid outdoorsman and love to hunt deer, turkey or an occasional bear,

There’s a bear from Canada, 

who would be surprised to know he’s been hanging out In Bitely all this time!

Please keep fighting Denny and revel in Hope

Because its no secret you’re a Champion,

And you delight in overcoming obstacles

We will unite in prayer and keep staying positive!

Your battle inspires us all to live life to it’s fullest,

The Smooth rivers of promise are enchanting us all

So let the Lord bestow upon you a miracle today

and live, as if, your love charms the heavens

Cause that’s exactly what we’ve seen you do

And today, we are ALL hunting for your miracle.

I stride and find

That my escapes

Measure me most and take

Me to places in my dreams

It seems that I  make

A new beginning

With every mistake

And forgo my drifting signs

Of  forgetting

My past

But holding onto what

Holds true

To my success

The starry night fades into darkness

The owls sing and the birds leave

Such emptiness takes over

And then I realize my mind is

But a tool and I can create a new Dream

One without mosquitoes and bees

One that presents itself at it’s seams

As wonderous

And fulfilling and creates a quilt

And oppresses my weaknesses

The light that creates magic

Is also what entices my heart

And cannot call me lonely and in the dark,

I am but a resemblance of a care

One that exists to talent the day

And proves me to be happy

Whether at night or day or alone or not

This is my freedom

I exist in the root of passion

And inspiration

So that the sun always shines

And my nights are always full of stars

In tough times we rely on what we cannot see

It pleases me to reach into the depths of divinity

When i’m granted strength to hold on

I lay on the rock that God gave me

And think that I will never stop letting him use me

For my indifference is my purpose

And my righteousness dives into a stream

Formed with happy

I am content and my willow floats merry

You cannot see all that I am

I mark my path with what has found me

 to my knees Before

This is grandiour

And I will not regret

 but sweat

and extend of my skills

That have shattered me

I am in pieces hoping to achieve

An endless bouquet of words that

Can not only bring me empathy but also respect

Lord, take from me thoughts that don’t become me

Help me say every nice thing I think

And call me to be someone encouraging again

So many nights I lay awake in worry

Help me stay proper in you

And wash away my fears

Ups and downs

Lord, you kiss my forehead

And I shed my fears

So much love you offer me

Always hovering over me Are your angels

So many angles play into my picture of life

Let me take a moment to day thank you

For the ups and downs of life

And let them play into what is right about me


Lord, show me that through this depression is the mold

 that holds it’s passion to a new level

And resist in me anger that so often succeeds

Bless me and lead me in to the depth of success

Lord, you bother me with what stares at me in the dark

So black today as I pay homage to what abuses me

Let me start my day over,

And don’t give me a cold shoulder

Begin in me gladness

And wipe clean my despair

Make me new

It’s true I’m in satisfaction with you

Too Late

 You make me fold my hands and pray to the lord

Let me take this time as I post to the board

 and hang pictures of my idols

Only my best rest there

And they will never in clued you

You screwed up too bad

You had your chance now it’s too late

My soul rings a treble in the water

Its youth is flattered

By the glorious waves of continuity

This everlasting fountain

Is to blame for my loss of  shame

I’m one with myself

And I reign forever as the water

So aqua and truly the queen of me

Is the perfection I wish to be.