Your thoughtfulness resonates with us all

and your generosity surpasses every mountain,

You have fine tuned what it means to live well,

You’ve climbed the bridge of everlasting love,

You’ve always been a great Dad, uncle, grandpa and husband,

Denny loves all things sweet, including his sweetheart Mary,

 Mary says; she marvels at your thoughtful gift giving skills,

and admires how you love little Reesie to pieces,

You wrap others with a blanket of kindness and serve everyone with favor,

You are an avid outdoorsman and love to hunt deer, turkey or an occasional bear,

There’s a bear from Canada, 

who would be surprised to know he’s been hanging out In Bitely all this time!

Please keep fighting Denny and revel in Hope

Because its no secret you’re a Champion,

And you delight in overcoming obstacles

We will unite in prayer and keep staying positive!

Your battle inspires us all to live life to it’s fullest,

The Smooth rivers of promise are enchanting us all

So let the Lord bestow upon you a miracle today

and live, as if, your love charms the heavens

Cause that’s exactly what we’ve seen you do

And today, we are ALL hunting for your miracle.