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Monthly Archives: November 2021

A Miracle

Surrenders my soul

Like the everso,

decadent plumes of the Opera,

Lord we come to you broken

take us to your mountain of hope

And pour your miracles on us

Eternity’s wave of excellence is over me

I praise you Upon devotions wall of gold

And I stand open to ask

for the sons miracle in my life


Denny’s thoughtfulness resonates with us all

and his generosity surpasses every mountain,

He has fine tuned what it means to have lived well,

And has climbed the bridge of everlasting love,

He has always been a great Dad, uncle, grandpa and husband,

He wrapped others with a blanket of kindness and served everyone with favor,

Being an avid outdoorsman, he loved to hunt deer, turkey or an occasional bear,

There’s a bear from Canada,

who would be surprised to know he’s been hanging out In Bitely all this time!

We will revel in Hope today

Denny’s battle with Cancer Inspires us all to live life to the fullest

We’ll remember the good times, laughter, and fun we had

Just Sharing stories,

At this time of sorrow,

It is hard to believe that the sun will once again shine

But, This is a supreme test in life

Seeing what strengths we have…,

We will not stand at his  grave and weep, No

He  has  shown us the route to happiness

Begins in our hearts and fights through obstacles,

So we celebrate him


Although your work on earth is done

Your life in heaven has just begun!

Rest in everlasting Peace.

we are better people for having known you,

You’ll be missed