Thankfulness commits to the season of gratitude, teasing my senses

Poised for sentiment and introducing us to the coddling joy of our Father

We reason with our fears hoping to set fire and steer them with the power of release

Timing the nourishing of our favor that gifts us with the calling to forgive and be forgiven, fostering the benevolent values that court our place in life

Fences are built around the true lure of the castle that exists pulling at our passion announcing its outfit that deserves praise with the sun’s rays on it

Yearning for the shire and presence of Christ we share the pure quest of the chosen desire

To remedy the poison set forth bringing us to battle when we have no

Utterance or opposition for the welfare that is covered in rain or sorrow

We search for heaven and time raids our hearts

When we speak a fluent picture of art

Eternity peaks clearly influencing what i seek

That is only the prevalent love that created me.