Compassion For Florida,


Please help!  By Giving to others as much as we can and supporting the trust that created us to have the freedom to be our Authentic self, is the core of what Love is. It deserves Praise, not Hate!  Tragedy happens over and over, yet we never fully prepare our hearts for the news of such a shocking, tragic horror as what has happened in Florida.


I’ve come to realize, Love and respect cannot be defined by color or gender, because it is self- existing and finds us all in different ways, usually also as Agents used seeking to deliver us at times, offering us a “glimpse of heaven on earth.”  It connects us to the essence of divinity that is the only introduction to the treasures of life and the only Authority that allows you to reach your potential that leads you to your true freedom.



So leave your dull ways behind and grip onto this Kite taking flight saying in Crimson Red, “We refuse to give up because we are all alike!”  We are the same and all Remarkable Beyond compare! Cultures remain only in the name of Family, and love is how families start!


We have to stand and say together, “Love is our new Anthem and the only promising help that always wins!”  Our Trust lays in this, helping others.  How can we not be affected by this disturbing crisis, when we all have the same heartbeat!


Also, it might be the only introduction to Jesus that survives all our earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and even our own bodies. What an exciting realm we are given with love and why hold it back!


Love is the only free currency we have, why disrupt this beautiful thing?!


Love and respect cannot be defined by color or gender, Rather, by letting it refine us in our ways and deeds to complete our true destiny approving of all families and life.


Showing our truest compassion and coining this phrase as if Knights being saluted for courage. We need to be this way!


We refuse to be anything but confident and secure in who we are in Christ, by both resembling his values and making an impact that relieves our congregation of worries that keep us hurrying, scurrying from place to place without giving heed the to the true treasures of life, which is people.


Capturing moments with them, treasuring their lives before they are gone, will remedy hate by not making them feel so alone or different before they act out as hosts for evil to strike.


Love serves this life as a compass carrying in it every direction, every answer, every memory harvested, yet you swerve so carelessly! And now Hate is destructing all of us today, affecting us as a knife in our side.  And Now, we need to cry out to the Lord for help to reconstruct our hearts as we continue to get hit with the bullets of hate, that burn our skin with every lie about life and love! We cannot believe lies about love!


We will promote our Confirmation and steadfast approach to what keeps our feet in the soundness of our foundation helping it float around the world in Love.  The only things that can occupy our minds are positivity and fighting back!


Fighting the hate with our currency that Christ allows of Love’s Fortitude, and encouraging its assembly and embrace!


Finding all opportunity of direction where cheer can meet the stripes of our flag!   A courageous symbol of White, red, and blue token of approval, already signed on our Declaration of Independence! Who dare strike this! And who dare try to shatter our Faith!


We need to pray to the Lord to Cast the gems of heaven to cloak all our sanity, and send all our compassion to Florida in hopes of healing this corrupt deception that kills us all.


We will Stand firm until the fog of darkness leaves faithfully, and certainly, continue to Open up the only unstoppable force of life, LOVE and all the beauty it has to offer.  As Christ Lives in us ready to bloom and heal!

Capturing the cure that the World needs in our hands,


If we sing together in Praise, we can make Seasons change and miracles will happen!


Earnest appraisals coming to us all. . . as a prize for our praise to the sky, in such a boldness that

Our own Eagles cry for us because of the exploding beauty that remains in the hearts of America is also endangered.

United we will attack hate with the pureness necessary to invite Christ into all our ways of goodness and offerings, giving more, respecting more, and genuinely completing our training courses on how to achieve a more brilliant perspective on Love for our families, and in time, the entire World will eventually figure out how the sustenance of love just seems to always win, as if being offered a blanket to us all on a frigid, cold year. This will move them to gear up with it and learn what life is really about.


As all religions come together, all nationalities, all colors, all genders, to sing together in compassion for Florida, let this remind you how Love is supposed to work! And renew this in you too! By saying something nice today or reaching out in ways never done before. . . by claiming Christ’s Love for you, and also you that makes mistakes, you sitting way back in class trying to hide, and also he loves Atheists too. J


Proudly regaining our foundations that once fell as the tresses of heaven…


By Aimee Antozak