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Monthly Archives: March 2016

A love that decides to run free opening the scroll of beauty,

synapsis uncovered like the original celestial compass of life,

 imparting with the very essence of truth,

gripping your stripped heart and replacing the youth

taken by countless attempts to rip apart the hope sparing in you

leading through the deepest and darkest valleys

blindly yearning for the day purity strikes you like lightning to renew the strings of the harmony guiding you in your ways

bleeding while slowly opening the eyes to your soul,

a vested secret tone confessing itself the reason for life,

to earn the benediction that prevails

as you search for a remedy to cure the world around you,

it will often stitch up your own soul, and offer you a new home

while quenching your desires as if you have had a thousand mouths that have been thirsty for a thousand years,

and a hunger so viciously unrelenting, that only the words of God can tame it, 

be strong and take a chance to make an unparalleled difference today with your heart