A sumptuous drive cleansing me of worries

time waits only in a facade of promises

your portrait of lavish tapestries comforts my dreams

and binds me to appease with wonderous

hues so bright i feel bare at your stare into my soul

enchanting desires that rest with the sun an unending drip of insatiable lure

i long for your effervescent touch to brush upon my life

decrees lay unspoken each simply a token of impurity

offer me thus prevailing art so temptations freely breathe

and make even my winters feel warm

in unity with your confirmations

guide this passion that mourns from hiding entirely

because its match lights the fire

in the sky at night

leading me to the stairway in heaven

burning the Legion’s diplomacy into my life as the sun sets

waiting to unravel this golden ribbon

its beauty overtakes me while I’m running to the sun

never looking back.