Love flows through the river of passion inviting lovers
to kindle their fire and bask in the warmth that
surrounds their hearts, the gates of heaven open
for a dazzling surprise, the powers of Valentine’s Day
live in sentiments and desires burn inside hoping
to be released dipping ourselves in chocolate
offering ourselves to each other,
the melody that’s playing is a real cool jazz to get us in the mood,
uncovering the highlights of this year of love blooms
in a colorful array of happiness and discards
all doubts of our true worth,
settling all matters with kisses and embraces instead
of anger and fights is the road to a happy healthy heart,
join me with red, pink, and white petals leading the way
through another year full of M&M’s, Harmony, and Poetry
and decide this year to love more than last and reach for the stars
that design a pathway for divinity to live through us,
enchanting us with beauty that serves the Lord
in magnificence boldly outlining our purpose here to love and be loved