perfection plays inside words, a potion for distressed
the depths so deep i have to go fishing for the cure
opportunity renders suit as im guided through and through
yearning with desires that force me to stare at this sea
incompatibility sits restless with each lift of my tongue
pressing for the next to come adrift i see a scape exits
for beauty to reign which art thou recovered earnestly
upon gentle waves of purity washing itself clean abiding
in this station of mere wonder preambles the fall of me,
im drowning down beneath the waters that reflect
such places that execute a matchless beat with the birds
freely grasping and earning my gaze, i’m so burdened
with all i do not know but maybe as i watch this show
i will be able to glow like a star at night watching from above
this world that sleeps and dreams and buys more time
with each happiness that comes streaming out with
what words i scribe