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Monthly Archives: January 2015

A Grand silk, momentous portrait painting the sky with an embracing palette from  orange pink,
tapestries, light hearts gaze in amazement as the heavens calls us to wake the silent dream
and earnestly souls  listen patenting verses within grips of angels lofty voices sing in praise
caressing strings in the presence of glory, passion soaks us as the fullness of our beings
surrender to the cloak over the stars and the mask of color guiding us to yearn for more
than what we see, a real spellbound fountain of joy elapses for brief moments where our
future minds all that we breathe and we are refined as resources of the potion that unifies
our freedom wrapped in passion and defining us, as love,
capturing for eternity the truth in a beautiful sunset

This winter lays in hands that guides us and leads us to enchant our destiny
in the braces of the fence that we stand at peering into our dream world
envisioning the fresh, clean air that we inhale as every anxiety is exhaled,
diseases that are cured upon a touch or a glance with the right mind,
buildings that embrace the clouds and stars that resemble ample time
to achieve a placid field day free , relieving all our doubts, and gaining
every inch of inspiration of wonders that marvel inside beseeching
the one that created us honoring the day and hour that he stares back
at us in the mirror of reality and shows the smallest seeds of glory,
removing our sins as if cloaked in white robes investing in decrees
that resemble a world of love and commitments that drive us
to empower individuals rather than take from, these things are devoured
by the sun and kept inside its rays that shine into our lives everyday
giving the slightest light to a darkness of the world that drains us
emotionally waiting for its grips on our hearts to comfort as a blanket
of forgiveness, recharging a soul is our duty
and never forget about this that lives in the sunrays
that gently caress our days

The sun escapes the highlands as the afflicted bow down
in prayer mourning with the sunset to prepare us for tomorrow,
rich devotion enthralls our souls guiding us to pursue greatness
in every way light is received, generating residual smiles and happy visions
persuading us to meet each other’s needs, countless transactions
are made sharing gazes and stares loosing all doubt that gods plans
are bountiful and grand, plethora of detail wrapped for each of us to handle
with care, touching a spirit resumes holiness and nearly unfolds
before thee as we touch a hand or grasp an understanding for more,
a simple desire yearns inside to uncover our years spent on
the sidelines taking in the truth of life waiting for the right time
to stand up and cheer, now is the time, don’t wait til the sunsets,
the light speaks to us all determining our worth, there is no time to waste
let it mold you with divinity and pursue you til infinity marking your pathway
with dazzling torches to the gates that embrace your heart forevermore,
tell someone you love them before it gets dark

My best friend Yana is sent from heaven,
Royal purple, satin ribbon with silver crosses covers her heart
Wrapping years of memories and happiness as treasured sanctity implodes,
Angels awaken when she speaks she guides and teaches us with
Ancient wisdom providing years of expertise in love and family ,
Being a wonderful mother sews into generations forever her love through Alexandra,
Who holds the same amount of love, and touches our hearts every time she opens her arms for hugs
Yana’s dark eyes match the chocolate sweetness of her soul
Her dark hair makes men stare and she cant keep them away!
Her signature is her friendship to anyone who meets her
Cascading down the gates of her pure heart are
Soft, blue irises signifying devotion and servanthood to life in every way,
The Lord pushes her at times to watch her flourish in strength
And we all struggle to match her compassion
As she lay it before us like a blanket to the world
Covering all of our deepest pains and fears with her smile
Overcoming adversity is her specialty,
We wouldn’t be the same without her
I love you,
Yana and Alexandra!