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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Winter months bear witness to a world filled with its magic
feathered snow falls, hearts awaken ,and presents lay unwrapped
fleeting dreams slumber under a blanket of love awaiting unpunished time
obsequence compels us to follow the stars in the sky
lighting trees glimmering, dazzling our senses the scent of the season promises
to enlighten us, the brush of tender memories fall to prepare us for what is next
omnipotence surrounds us all as the spirit guides sending fears to their end
and greeting our will on a path that surrenders to the beauty of this Christmas night
hallelujah grips my mind as I praise God for designing such a divine day
marking the highlights of the year for a future undiscovered hidden in our trust abiding in all greatness that passes judgment lightly and tugs at our souls to uncover all the treasures that suit our guests
thank you for joining me on Christmas may this day bring you immeasurable joy and happiness