Some seasons take us down paths spinning us in gold and amber
Adorning us with diamonds and rubies, angels knock
Some journeys make us choose kindness over anger
Time waits for no one as the leaves change color
Gently falling to the ground painting us everlasting memories
Guiding us to yearn for a better tomorrow with forgiveness, compassion grows
As you care more for life with all it brings, the sun shines on you today
this light is so truly remarkable as it embraces your gifts
and everyone agrees life wouldn’t be the same without you in it
The glistening of the sea is unending and inspiring
So is your love unyielding and pure with blessings
Lending us the Lord’s decree, through strength
How love is truly an art form
Capturing your beauty in this world
With a nice word or a hug or kiss lifts us and
you have become such a wonderful grandma
the sunset strives to match your beauty
and it is now weaved into generations
because of you
I love you