A distant welcome murmurs inside when I close my eyes
enclosed are years of memories met with the edge of imagination
tightly binding uniting the source that exists to wash my fears away
as I climb the celestial ladder taking me to the doorsteps of heaven
I am engulfed in pure happiness and I don’t remember how I got here
But my faith has been working because I now see each angel before me
Guiding my every step every thought touching my feet to lift freely
I rise to float as the flowers cascade down the golden arms that lead
Into forever and my ecstasy is pursued with every wave of purity
that blankets my failures and I surrender to the undying love that tells me
someday I will see these engraved walls of gold showing me my memoir
and I wonder inside if this moment could bloom any more beautiful
tears fall as im guided to read everlasting peace was achieved I see
loved ones flow into this room and the light is so bright I can see through
to their hearts, I am flooded with pictures of others whom I touched
years of pain that has been erased, and all the words start to dance
in harmony that awaken the depth of my very soul to open more
enchanted at the roots of every gift I may have and potent love
seeps into every last inch of my being awakening passion,watching
this language display in ways I’ve never seen and I feel like my life
could not possibly bring me anything more creative then what I see.