A simple nod would be fine understanding the glory that pours I have only a few reasons to write
None of which enlist my own visions wondering when I will feel free to read the meter of inspiration
From my own will, perhaps a matchless account of survival is all it takes to move toward the sun
Hanging on the tree of life offering meals of delight to fulfill what prompts me to spill out
Maybe its just a challenge that floats my way in the sea of opportunity otherwise
Its plain desire to reach higher than the day can offer I think if I play enough with words
They will find their own spot inside my mind and the rhythm is rooted in my heart like a song
You may think its natural to write but that’s not the case someday I will find the electricity
To this outlet and will run wild soaking in the waves of the current that flows through me
Passion dictates arrangement of words low high outside inside wrapped driven and provide
An easy way to climb up the ladder into the sky, what meets the eye is full of arousal
And sensations that play into the pool of splendor a love affair that caresses my soul
Singing on a rainy day, smiling through the pain, modeling forgiveness, reaching for the stars
Its all in your very own hands unite with divinity and tell the page how you feel
Write it all down and engage in moments of realization that you can provide for decades of readers
Falling from the sky of inspiration are many tools let them guide you and understand your power
to change someone’s life for good offering a blanket a tissue or an umbrella all of them are for you
come and sip your tea with me and relax as we go on a journey down the road that leads us to
unlimited wealth of the world