Laying mingling with inspiration uncovers my deepest possessions
and prepares me to evaluate a once very simple love of life
Curing a world with the sky full of singing stars and clouds
Interpreting hope can sometimes bring you to your knees
Pondering all fruitful desires that grip the inner wellspring of my heart
Unleashing a passion that manifests as I watch a man place shoes
On a homeless mans feet or a child helping another child from the ground
Or a simple thank you unexpectedly dares me to reach into my pot of gold
And envision a forecast of love instead of rain and tears
Help someone today to get a grip of your heart and show them
That they have the power to change the world one smile at a time
Abreast all reasons to give up hold onto the eye of your own soul
And make the waters move with integrity and focus
We are in a world in dire need of hope
Touch someone today and do something