The summer is falling to be but a memory
The birds listen to the wind sending directions to fly in
Questions float above of what colors will win my heart
Life will soon hibernate without a care around
As we listen to the messages the season brings with it
Our very structure enlists the sovereign spirit
That lives within guiding us through warmth and frost
Freeing our souls to run bare as if heaven exists on earth
And all we need has already been purchased
Each marvelous color touches a different part
Simple leaves weaving their way into an
Effervescent feeling that reaches beyond time
Into the infinite blue sky demands my attention
This I cannot hide from each cloud molds
A new way to overcome failure
The sun sits as if born to remedy a lost world
Hanging onto the very barriers of perfection
That grip this driven embodiment,
carries me over the threshold of hope
And I realize this is just the Lord’s day