The sun encapsulates the power to decide my fate each day that it rises I fight for my destiny to lay before me as an open sea leading my happiness into the world I create as my eyes meet the sky I worship with graces that suit each pardoned pursuit for more than I can imagine stretching to the ends of the heavens above for answers that concern my heart I yearn for results as I race to the west and watch the sun set finally able to embrace a moment that loses power and all color in the end but for the tender minutes I capture it’s meaning breathing in fruitful desires that wash the time as I hide inside daring to receive things that empower me diving into the fire that teaches the lost soul to prosper divinity introduces me to such streams of intuition I cannot beg for any more filling my cup with the wine that imitates an allegiance to the creator that guides my ways engulfing resonance that gifts the heathen and grips each unfailing hug I send as I kiss my way through a world that uses god as an ashtray finding my roots and genes take me to generations that implore thee finding the tune that resumes my prayers enlightening all decent to rejoice in laughter that brings each drip of honesty to the table of offerings uncovering the meat and bread that nourishes the simple ones who ponder the reasons for living enlisting a passive agreement with someone that genuinely decrees the words that leave me uniform cannot bring me to my sword but watching the time escape the art that pulls at my soul in the sky maybe I will find every inch of passion today that is granted as i shower myself naked I’m taking off the clothes you give me to live in the suns embrace clouding my vision with the glitter that falls from my wings lifting me to places only the birds chirp of shaking all reasons for the sky to cry as I initiate the rainbow to float through the clouds bowing to the world engaging in a show of promise for living and I earn each color of my vision because I root for defining miracles and I scream inside hiding something that should be flying high matching the altitude of shades that bloom into imagination rain puddling on the ground introduce us to the reflections of our character relating to the flowers and the trees caring for others as we sing as a chorus together uniting and defining our lives as gifts paramount ways in our memories that store each sentiment of honor guarding our very own sanctity as we hand over when we face this rainbow raise our hands to the sky and bow to our lord giving thanks for everything good that we gain daily marking our calendars for miracles to happen guarantees his presence and allows our life to shine for miles to light the ocean that carries each wave of inspiration and ignites the flame that unites each of us with the son