A manque projected into the air covering all forms of logic
involving a beat that surrenders to the rhythm that meet inside
each very living thing that unfolds onto a page’ burning
in frustration at the way they romp around beyond
imagination guessing of a path that is formed unknown
to the perception kissing the very taste that sweetens
the maraschino giving into the maraud of anger resolving
only the skin that houses this passion performing before me,
even screaming aloud confessing the aphrodite exists
in the penmanship alone admitting within all faults that
carry severe bouts of apprehended exhaustion by committing
sacrifices etching into the scroll of life one simple piece
at a time fulfilling the mysteries untold… shouting back at this sea
that brews intently throwing at me a world torn in failure,
inhaling inborn purity that desires to roam free,
covers every inch of me disclosing a poets true endeavors
are met with a force that engages the marvel to overtake
standing on the mountain of genuine trust and escaping
into this dream of enchanted moments alleviates my battle to continue;
at hand, in mercy of thyself,
yearning every minute to touch a part of the solid foundation
that institutes all glory, inducing a bond that has gone
into the wild reaching through the forests of combat
through ’til the blue heavens sigh