The vast display of wealth dripping from your mouth

Contends each bursting seed of deliverance

Conforming to a root so in tune with heaven that each marvel

flows through the river of compassion and gains a

Destiny performing before us as a wand of directives that induce

sovereign forms and flourish in the breeze of continuity elapsing

in generosity searching alas for a freedom found in the clouds genuinely

and most bashfully executing desires that lay with the birds flying into

the depths of reason one wing at a time catching an overture

Engulfing the lost source that brings us to our knees

A power so inclusive it dissolves our doubts and reigns upon the gold

That mounts our perception as we bow down to our creator

Enriching a foundation abreast the rocks we stand on

we are guided as if trees searching for the sun

one branch at a time building momentum as each sprout a new bud

A soprano reaches into the depth of eternity in just a touch that lift us

to new season and court us into the air

Parading through our honor chasing our dreams with each breath

that we take calling out yearning to break away from

The torment that deception brings to our world