Poetry Today, Songs Tomorrow

Monthly Archives: September 2014

The summer is falling to be but a memory
The birds listen to the wind sending directions to fly in
Questions float above of what colors will win my heart
Life will soon hibernate without a care around
As we listen to the messages the season brings with it
Our very structure enlists the sovereign spirit
That lives within guiding us through warmth and frost
Freeing our souls to run bare as if heaven exists on earth
And all we need has already been purchased
Each marvelous color touches a different part
Simple leaves weaving their way into an
Effervescent feeling that reaches beyond time
Into the infinite blue sky demands my attention
This I cannot hide from each cloud molds
A new way to overcome failure
The sun sits as if born to remedy a lost world
Hanging onto the very barriers of perfection
That grip this driven embodiment,
carries me over the threshold of hope
And I realize this is just the Lord’s day

The center of our universe revolves around a perception that blends with time
an hour that decides a fate arouses a spirit to take flight in the cool
breeze of an afternoon wishing for desires to flourish sends flowers to the moon
and frolics with the sun mesmerizing a day by the way
the rays caress each new living ideal that brings
us closer to touching the clouds that harness the power to levitate
all day what a perfect Saturday to measure the distance to each cloud
and fall to the power that light brings to me
uncovering the simple ways we can enjoy a day

A manque projected into the air covering all forms of logic
involving a beat that surrenders to the rhythm that meet inside
each very living thing that unfolds onto a page’ burning
in frustration at the way they romp around beyond
imagination guessing of a path that is formed unknown
to the perception kissing the very taste that sweetens
the maraschino giving into the maraud of anger resolving
only the skin that houses this passion performing before me,
even screaming aloud confessing the aphrodite exists
in the penmanship alone admitting within all faults that
carry severe bouts of apprehended exhaustion by committing
sacrifices etching into the scroll of life one simple piece
at a time fulfilling the mysteries untold… shouting back at this sea
that brews intently throwing at me a world torn in failure,
inhaling inborn purity that desires to roam free,
covers every inch of me disclosing a poets true endeavors
are met with a force that engages the marvel to overtake
standing on the mountain of genuine trust and escaping
into this dream of enchanted moments alleviates my battle to continue;
at hand, in mercy of thyself,
yearning every minute to touch a part of the solid foundation
that institutes all glory, inducing a bond that has gone
into the wild reaching through the forests of combat
through ’til the blue heavens sigh

The vast display of wealth dripping from your mouth

Contends each bursting seed of deliverance

Conforming to a root so in tune with heaven that each marvel

flows through the river of compassion and gains a

Destiny performing before us as a wand of directives that induce

sovereign forms and flourish in the breeze of continuity elapsing

in generosity searching alas for a freedom found in the clouds genuinely

and most bashfully executing desires that lay with the birds flying into

the depths of reason one wing at a time catching an overture

Engulfing the lost source that brings us to our knees

A power so inclusive it dissolves our doubts and reigns upon the gold

That mounts our perception as we bow down to our creator

Enriching a foundation abreast the rocks we stand on

we are guided as if trees searching for the sun

one branch at a time building momentum as each sprout a new bud

A soprano reaches into the depth of eternity in just a touch that lift us

to new season and court us into the air

Parading through our honor chasing our dreams with each breath

that we take calling out yearning to break away from

The torment that deception brings to our world

The wonder of it all

The clarity

The genuine leap of faith

Ensuing perfection with each glimpse

Into the sea cascading dreams hiding the night

Through diamonds that dazzle with each wave

Crashing upon the threshold that strengthens our path

Through endless desires and passions that prove

Only that the moment lives and breathes in time

Surrenders itself to the blanket of stars above

Yearning to comply with the sky that brews its storms

And hangs its brow on each window that compels our gaze

Creating an alliance between our fears and pain

Years create a solid foundation that binds us take hands

And meet with adversity in company with grand angels

That harness the power to execute a remedy that attracts us to the hour

And  calls out to us daring us to imagine a world full of hope again

An epiphany of sorts that resolves my turmoil

Today we break from long weeks toiling away for means to provide for our family
searching through remedies pursuing happiness leaves us having our day free of work
and gaining introspection without a doubt that searches us out for leisure
and games that make it a playful day, according to our calendar we push for Fridays to appear
in bold every year marking our ways rejoicing in freedom that is limitless
encapsulating our hopes in this sea of wealth time offers to venue our treasures
and pamper ourselves in the joy of the world one hour at a time
leading us by its power to complete a satisfactory summon to act
with pleasure to achieve the greatest form of the greater good
replenishing our spirit and honoring our life with how many ways we can be lazy
and conjuring up this remedy that cures us of the working disease
Enjoy your labor day!