The sun discloses a deep seated trust within the grips of heavens doors
and beyond the waters that carry with them each bountiful dream escaping a world of grief
happiness in all proportions enlists the grateful and portrays another sunny day
gazing into cherished visions with permission to perceive this world as it could be
harnesses the power to redeem through a well of words springing
into the blissful chances that brings us our remedy to invoke the powers
from above witnessing a craft that enlightens with each drift of the wave
bearing the weight of seasons dry and wet and cascading through
the mountains of love that overflows inside commencing to retrieve
yet through all things invisible guarantee my prelude to everlasting survival
in witnessing beauty in all its forms lifts me to places that are only captured
by mental pictures engraving the torments of the storms along with the settled harmony
that blooms its own youth full of passion and honor
the sunset gives me a glimpse of satisfaction that empowers me and also convicts
such men to offer a jacket of warmth, by overcoming failures, by giving a lasting kiss goodbye
creating wealth in an atmosphere is charming and priceless by
granting credit to the one who created us
and reflecting the son in all its form leads us
to battle for peace with each breath we take
adhering to a spirit of kindness and we elope as one
with the hope that we surrender to, in sight of perfection