In popular demand are apple green trees, lilies, and lollipops

that keep us in tune with the plans of heaven

as wishing in a well could make it so then gladly

take me to this dream where happiness streams

through every wish, compel me

to this place that exists as I bind my next breadth

give me this vision of hope that floats freely

engaged in a movement that delivers unity to the sea of divinity

yearning in desire to enchant a destiny

slightly embraces a harmony that was founded in precision within

the grips of heavenly hands, dedicated to weaving

brilliance into the blanket that comforts our souls

keeping precious moments, courting memories, holding together this

fountain that pours into genesis, enabling little diamonds to form

of life nestled deep inside the heart bordering

the wellspring of love to continue giving everlasting peace

dwelling beneath the threads that give us our very warmth

allows to settle our many feats that meet with greatness