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Monthly Archives: August 2014

The sun is measured in parables that escape time
with each waking breath comforting the next
shouting inside for eternity that rides on the waves
of the colorful rays into a century that commemorates
its seasons with a new glimpse of honor as the sun sets.
Searching in a moments touch for the best way to dedicate
an eye that plays into the wealth of beauty and creates opportunity
to form a bond inasmuchas a heavenly pond of unity conforming
thus mounting itself with brilliance that sings into years and marvels
at the throne that leads us to our creator enriches the bashful to an entirely
new way of love searching through the bodily form for a soul that harnesses
the power to encourage a matchless court of kings and queens that listen
to one voice only as their chests beat with pounding desire to greet the faithful
convincing us to bow on call and meet with our sanctity.

The sun discloses a deep seated trust within the grips of heavens doors
and beyond the waters that carry with them each bountiful dream escaping a world of grief
happiness in all proportions enlists the grateful and portrays another sunny day
gazing into cherished visions with permission to perceive this world as it could be
harnesses the power to redeem through a well of words springing
into the blissful chances that brings us our remedy to invoke the powers
from above witnessing a craft that enlightens with each drift of the wave
bearing the weight of seasons dry and wet and cascading through
the mountains of love that overflows inside commencing to retrieve
yet through all things invisible guarantee my prelude to everlasting survival
in witnessing beauty in all its forms lifts me to places that are only captured
by mental pictures engraving the torments of the storms along with the settled harmony
that blooms its own youth full of passion and honor
the sunset gives me a glimpse of satisfaction that empowers me and also convicts
such men to offer a jacket of warmth, by overcoming failures, by giving a lasting kiss goodbye
creating wealth in an atmosphere is charming and priceless by
granting credit to the one who created us
and reflecting the son in all its form leads us
to battle for peace with each breath we take
adhering to a spirit of kindness and we elope as one
with the hope that we surrender to, in sight of perfection

In popular demand are apple green trees, lilies, and lollipops

that keep us in tune with the plans of heaven

as wishing in a well could make it so then gladly

take me to this dream where happiness streams

through every wish, compel me

to this place that exists as I bind my next breadth

give me this vision of hope that floats freely

engaged in a movement that delivers unity to the sea of divinity

yearning in desire to enchant a destiny

slightly embraces a harmony that was founded in precision within

the grips of heavenly hands, dedicated to weaving

brilliance into the blanket that comforts our souls

keeping precious moments, courting memories, holding together this

fountain that pours into genesis, enabling little diamonds to form

of life nestled deep inside the heart bordering

the wellspring of love to continue giving everlasting peace

dwelling beneath the threads that give us our very warmth

allows to settle our many feats that meet with greatness

The borders of heaven come down and live within this sunset
an ending day murmurs sentiment, falling from the angels wings that drip
with silver wishes and flutter in the wind falling to be dedicated with each
breath that unleashes divine lace and weaves its own beauty
introducing our very own color pallet to our dreams, guiding us with pure inspiration
that believes in this power that possesses each caress of love, unique yet bare, to be free
resounding in all the brilliance that is laid before us as we dance in glory
to the height of this honorable day that will live no more than a memory
tucked away in our minds following the well of wishes
that are enlisted for the next day to kiss us in our sleep

See how the stars emulate perfection in the sky
beyond beautiful today
shining their effervescence as a landscape from my dreams blossoming
In our hearts, lays each bursting with memories tugging at our souls of insight
grasping this genuine flutter that fosters all precious desires
yearning, as if a fire exploding, to rejoice at this moment as if cured by hand divine
from an illness that spoke into the darkness sighting
this sea that captures all tears reminding
me that this breaking point that rides
the deepest wave, also rests as the sun falls to the west hiding
the pains that once deceived my eyes
offering peace to settle and to also define
as bridging our heavens with
thus gate of joy encapsulating true happiness
that teaches me to sing in the hour because I am forgiven