Hues of red ,purple ,and yellow settle in the sky
bonding in transforming the eye
enchants the pheasant and uncovers tasteful pleasures
for our dance of heart that build in a distant glance
endeavors met by chance, harmoniously
recognizing the beat in the clouds that meet
with time, oh how wise this guide
that clears the rain to portray a destiny
that cures all doubt and hands
deliverance to the new season of genuine desires
that enlist the sun in every way and kisses the rays
of temptations that pour themselves into this constitution
that embraces our thoughts and mesmerizes our longings to
achieve the deepest breath of passion that lay as a wand
to translate our life and monument all that embark on
this treasured tale of what brings us to satisfaction
or glory, and we fail to realize what an honor it is to just be
enraptured in this supple hour that gives purpose
to each tear we shed in pure