Time tells its own fate
tomorrow brings such sorrow
endlessly existing as meek and disparaging
we earnestly seek a glimpse of a sky
filled with your eye of beauty surrounding in rays
that kiss the clouds, she resembles duty to life
happiness lay on the edge of the horizon
and stars embrace even the soundest doubt with levitation
lifting the waves through the air of the storm
brings every leaf to stir and every branch to break
I pour myself into thee expecting to dream
of something that tugs at the core of my soul
screaming at thy winds that blow and destroy every
flower in sight, such devastation and misery
reaching from the pits of despair for hope that seems to bare
its face to thee, drifting through deception
I conceive only of thy light absent in the sky
leaves the waking hour to hide
and settles only a shower of what binds me to life