Mothers day
A mothers presence offers the warmth of a friend,
a role model that dresses the best,
and her finess and compassion go hand in hand
today, mom this is your day to revel
in all that balances your life out
pamper yourself and touch the world
with the beauty that possesses your soul

Mothers Day
The cool breeze gently brushes the petals
Of the flowerbed that you sew
The seeds of your brilliance
Are only contested with the warmth of your hands
Your tenderness is matched by your courage
And your passion presents leaves to the trees
That harvest in our memories
Let this day bring you new moments that impress
how much you mean to us

mothers day
the comfort of your hugs, the touch of your heart,
challenge us all to take part
in this wonderful day that cherishes you,
your passion for life binds us to unite
to wish you more than a fine,
mothers day

Mothers day
The rivers of compassion flow through your love,
everso achieving the depth of motherhood
You’ve given us all approval in the way you touch or look within
You fill us with happiness and we praise you today
To ensure we harness our love for you

Mothers day
A mothers work is never done
She carries children, work, and parties all in her hand
She shows us how to use this magic wand
To inspire the world to live for others