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Monthly Archives: May 2014


The supplest word bares treasures and cures

Within the brush of eternity

Even the tiniest fear

Glancing at life with eyes of heaven

We can elude our minds with a glaze of praise

Enclosing our dreams within such streams of

Deliverance dedicating our view to

Happiness flowing through as a river forgiving

Our longest checklist of sinning and

Our latest failings

Remarking heavily  on a

Youthful embrace

desires of warmth to the soul

Hopes arising and destinies awaiting

With each breath we subserviatingly take

Enlisting the son and existing as one

Hues of red ,purple ,and yellow settle in the sky
bonding in transforming the eye
enchants the pheasant and uncovers tasteful pleasures
for our dance of heart that build in a distant glance
endeavors met by chance, harmoniously
recognizing the beat in the clouds that meet
with time, oh how wise this guide
that clears the rain to portray a destiny
that cures all doubt and hands
deliverance to the new season of genuine desires
that enlist the sun in every way and kisses the rays
of temptations that pour themselves into this constitution
that embraces our thoughts and mesmerizes our longings to
achieve the deepest breath of passion that lay as a wand
to translate our life and monument all that embark on
this treasured tale of what brings us to satisfaction
or glory, and we fail to realize what an honor it is to just be
enraptured in this supple hour that gives purpose
to each tear we shed in pure

plush violet lilies cascade down the pillars of freedom
flowers blooming through the years of delicate decisions
a facade of promises and our resilient victories
serenade to us as we watch the parade of powers
grip our inner fortresses
admitting in order to reason with our fears
we must let go and order our tears
an annulment to prepare our austere ways
to enlist the spirit and resound in brilliance
that abounds in righteousness and lay before us
a determination to pursue flattery the presumes
the creation’s core revival of nature
that tempts a taste of beauty

A thoughtful embrace of the sun encounters wisdom of existence
hopes, cares, all decisions nestle inside as we curate
the hidden desires of life we also prepare
to nurture our freedom and convictions that pour
into the pool of sanctification forming the depth
of fruitful forgiveness
kneeling with passion presumes our duties
that never struggle to attain beauty
capturing the insight necessary for heights to express
our yearning to achieve and empowering
castles of divinity accord to only a simplest
display of harmony
as touching the rays that measure as a wand
and offer us persuasion of mind
to encapsulate the retardation of our soul
enlisting the angels to sing above us
tailors speak of this and reign as we sign
with the moments of our lives
lets remember to induce our very own eye
into happiness

together we stand arms locked, hand in hand
tomorrow may find us irresistibly yearning
to taste temptations by the lips
recording a day, brings what it may
a memory or vision of what grips
the doors of my inner
to search for the source that revels in all happiness
dictates my allegiance to fornicate with reason
leaving all doubts behind and finding a way
to resound in glamour and jewels of gladness
possess me state of richness and compel
me to date my honor with a new name
lifting the old and daring to relate
a new day to rule with honesty
as we open this gate
lets share the proceeds that harness
the power to relieve our very sadness
and populates forgiveness with charity
discovering a blend of newly touched
angels that surround us today.

Mothers day
A mothers presence offers the warmth of a friend,
a role model that dresses the best,
and her finess and compassion go hand in hand
today, mom this is your day to revel
in all that balances your life out
pamper yourself and touch the world
with the beauty that possesses your soul

Mothers Day
The cool breeze gently brushes the petals
Of the flowerbed that you sew
The seeds of your brilliance
Are only contested with the warmth of your hands
Your tenderness is matched by your courage
And your passion presents leaves to the trees
That harvest in our memories
Let this day bring you new moments that impress
how much you mean to us

mothers day
the comfort of your hugs, the touch of your heart,
challenge us all to take part
in this wonderful day that cherishes you,
your passion for life binds us to unite
to wish you more than a fine,
mothers day

Mothers day
The rivers of compassion flow through your love,
everso achieving the depth of motherhood
You’ve given us all approval in the way you touch or look within
You fill us with happiness and we praise you today
To ensure we harness our love for you

Mothers day
A mothers work is never done
She carries children, work, and parties all in her hand
She shows us how to use this magic wand
To inspire the world to live for others