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Monthly Archives: April 2014

The soaking tips of the plush, enchanting petals
Reform my soul as I wonder how these
Drips of monogamy cascade down the stems
Such memories such beginnings relax
My state
So innocent, so chaste
The wind touches the depth of its color
As if sewn into the air with thoughts of brilliance
Declares allegiance to thee eye
Sacrificing my worst, propels my best
To encompass and dissert into this magic
That conquers my most cherished yearnings to be delivered
This passion consults my honor and my wand
Of divinity proceeding to enlist such a perfect
Blend of perception that nurtures me
Can this be? Living Religiously?

Inspiration settles in wind of appreciation
Floating as a song in the sky
Descending only to reach your dreams
Our minds form and consult with the master
On how to tune into each stream of opportunity
Handling this precious, tender momentum
Procures our freedom to enchant our own lives
So don’t hide what binds you to forgiveness
For each promise of such is developed in much
Including the rainbow of desires and the lakes of empires
That reach and treat each of us with delight
And perfection is reached in its very own sight

inspiration stands on its own
never conforming but owning its season
diocese lays open and pouring is spirit
into a heaven of reality sewn within
plays a flute of protection molding the new
and forming what is truly a harp of discovery
silhouettes get taller and smiles get brighter
as embarking on lands and treaties rise
to greet this enterprise of reward
thank you inspiration and all guise

The hour discusses my longings
few score at the heart of what is bore
into eternity that lay prostrate
I lay to reason with all beginnings
Neither planted on the shore
Nor granted in majestic state
Desires relay the proof
Of what seems to keep us all aloof
Playing into the connection of freedom
And pleasing the highest in command
Portrays on one hand a moment
Created of time so flawless yet mine
Will show my testimony is not only in mind
But in all the future hopes of divine