Poetry Today, Songs Tomorrow

Monthly Archives: April 2014

The touch of your lips
The taste of desire
consumes me
as I reach higher for my dreams
laying with you puts my fears to ease
and my life ought to rejoice
for this day is all we have
tomorrow cannot promise
so let us measure our love
and rule with it til the seas
depth and let us connect
our destinies to unite in the sky
for eternity

Wonderful Springtime
Lilies , tulips , daffodils,
Flowers of heaven fill
the air,
With a freshness of such wonder
The thunder and rain of spring
Brings new life, and the trees
Cling to their harmony as the birds sing
And soar above the lands of youth
Honoring the sea of possibilities
Recording passions and testimonies
Of new births and horizons
The colors rising
To the depth of your spirit
As they whisper and sew into the window
Of your soul, take a bow to the grand
God of such blessed books of promise
What a positive escape into the bliss
of life
Be thankful and honor all that you see
For tomorrow may bring
more fortune to thee

Your kiss lifts my dreams and present me with my very own sight
Command me to reach and impel me to search within for this glimpse
Of true happiness that is set by the sun every day and every chance I breathe
Into this chest of harmony that begins my redemption and holds me to a dance of perfection
I marvel at this genuine trust that builds an orchestra stating my plans for this future
Of you and I ,
So complete , so divine
Hold me tonight and send me to the skies
Truly you keep me in the clouds of passion
This tune Is so pure, so blended with the stars and I
Cannot move another step without you touching me
You press in me a matchless content of persuasion
And I contend only with the sun
Wrap me in your love and enchant me for all my days above

The sun surrenders its powers to the wind and fulfills this
Time that stands on its own, never is known by what it lacks
Ever is carefully forgiven in what is left to regret
Harmony in the hour becomes sorts of relish of minutes
Hugging the seasons and keeping close to the breezes
The birds sing in the trees and the butterflies fly high
Choosing to live free and dance in the vines and glory
That define us and challenge us to bring
Our destiny into focus, this depth created by saving grace
Dictates not only our lives but also our pace
And this may complete your tale of this day
But tomorrow holds its own so stay upbeat and neglect your faults
Time does not pardon all, but records memories that accord to gods will

My skills burrow in my soul
Nestled with laughter and sewn into the world of deeds
My destiny pursues its own tools
Some say the best is saved for last
Im here to remark at a glance on my fountain
That endures and sacrifices its best each day
And I cannot rest until the mount of deliverance appears to me
and reaches into the depth of the ocean so blue with the truth of perception
Someday I will write like the fate says to the worksmith
There is never too much sanding or too much perfection
The craft is but an arch of placid dreams and hopes
What is left untouched can be seen tomorrow
Brilliantly holding to the clouds In the sky
And a rainbow of insight settles in my eye
as I decide to possess what lifts me to write again

The soaking tips of the plush, enchanting petals
Reform my soul as I wonder how these
Drips of monogamy cascade down the stems
Such memories such beginnings relax
My state
So innocent, so chaste
The wind touches the depth of its color
As if sewn into the air with thoughts of brilliance
Declares allegiance to thee eye
Sacrificing my worst, propels my best
To encompass and dissert into this magic
That conquers my most cherished yearnings to be delivered
This passion consults my honor and my wand
Of divinity proceeding to enlist such a perfect
Blend of perception that nurtures me
Can this be? Living Religiously?

Inspiration settles in wind of appreciation
Floating as a song in the sky
Descending only to reach your dreams
Our minds form and consult with the master
On how to tune into each stream of opportunity
Handling this precious, tender momentum
Procures our freedom to enchant our own lives
So don’t hide what binds you to forgiveness
For each promise of such is developed in much
Including the rainbow of desires and the lakes of empires
That reach and treat each of us with delight
And perfection is reached in its very own sight

inspiration stands on its own
never conforming but owning its season
diocese lays open and pouring is spirit
into a heaven of reality sewn within
plays a flute of protection molding the new
and forming what is truly a harp of discovery
silhouettes get taller and smiles get brighter
as embarking on lands and treaties rise
to greet this enterprise of reward
thank you inspiration and all guise

The hour discusses my longings
few score at the heart of what is bore
into eternity that lay prostrate
I lay to reason with all beginnings
Neither planted on the shore
Nor granted in majestic state
Desires relay the proof
Of what seems to keep us all aloof
Playing into the connection of freedom
And pleasing the highest in command
Portrays on one hand a moment
Created of time so flawless yet mine
Will show my testimony is not only in mind
But in all the future hopes of divine