Inspiration decides its own fate
Hath it been at its own gate?
Longing for your desperate love
I listen to the songs of the birds
Envisioning a picture of mere perfection
Entangles my hopes with my dreams
This site of you captures my best and worst
The pain I have inside is freed as you unwrap me
My past, my memories, all relapse in time
As if conducing the wine inside
Enticing me to …
Reach for the temple of desire
Caress my soft lavender thoughts
And lift them
With the kiss of your tongue
Enlist your passion inside as I
bring you to your knees
touch my face and pour your heart
into my soul
My lips are restless
To execute your ways
As I say, “I love you”
I embrace it and confide in your eyes
You relax my will enough
That enthralls my own perception of the sky