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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Lord, Your sunrise lays an allegiance in the skies
One saying that as I stand to be wise
You also buy my heart and I decide
To not hide but embark on what is foretold
As I implode with your eyes on me
I lay as colors retracted by the son
These colors enrich me and I have won
My desires back to give credit where credit is due
And in this I will bloom
With all of the ways of a rainbow
For all my days as I love you

Inspiration decides its own fate
Hath it been at its own gate?
Longing for your desperate love
I listen to the songs of the birds
Envisioning a picture of mere perfection
Entangles my hopes with my dreams
This site of you captures my best and worst
The pain I have inside is freed as you unwrap me
My past, my memories, all relapse in time
As if conducing the wine inside
Enticing me to …
Reach for the temple of desire
Caress my soft lavender thoughts
And lift them
With the kiss of your tongue
Enlist your passion inside as I
bring you to your knees
touch my face and pour your heart
into my soul
My lips are restless
To execute your ways
As I say, “I love you”
I embrace it and confide in your eyes
You relax my will enough
That enthralls my own perception of the sky

The winds move freely
The whispers of angels are singing
Time moves us to thoughts of winning
In a world so full of posture
A glimmering decimal of hope lay stray
Upon the hand that may
Tug at you for this and that
How is it you have such
Presence with the months
That stare down into your soul
As you achieve all that you believe
With the touch of glitter
Of the fairies that are dancing
Around your very own fire
Let your desires shine into the light
And never forget that your sight
Is such from the highest almighty