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Monthly Archives: February 2014

The sun stares at the mountains
And thinks the streams within
Are captive beneath the stars
To be
Watched and sensored
The way the creek caresses
The Tops
The hills
Leaves one to imagine
The way we came
Is also the way we blame
For our nature
To submit to the higher power
And occupy the hour
In tasteful presumption
Decrees allegiance between
The mountains and its streams
And surpasses the questions of
What will be
If we will just see
The magic in believing
In the way we move
Is beyond a degree of regime
Then we can be new!

Love knows no names
Love knows no games
Love knows no titles
Love knows no tides
Love knows no beasts
Love knows only sacrifice
Love knows only kindling
Love knows only caring
Love is about giving
Love is about sharing
Love is about this moment
Of your hearing and meets with your sight
As if the flight within answers
Meddling through with passion
And never ceases to presume
But encapsulates the power to consume
And this is a matchless pursuit
Living, breathing, streaming through
This world with dreams
And your destiny is to touch
For one second in as much as
You hand out

Sometimes the quiet held within speaks
And then what meets with divinity
Is but a testimony of old and new
A matchless pursuit
After God’s own hand
Standing alone makes one wonder
How it is you hold a microphone
In the air, only tempting more despair
Yet a regal attribute longs for forgiveness
And plenty a rare find a way
To hear how plainly God waves
In a salutation
Adhering to our positions
And fostering our gratitude
With mere performance
Thank you

The sky is full of questions that insists my desires
Are but a kiss in reality
That lifts my spirit and compels me to listen
To the waves and the current that flows
Through my mind like electricity
And fights to survive
Within the depth its kept hidden
And bordered with the slightest touch of birds
And sounds that caress what abounds
I am burdened every day
I live that I cannot contain this suffering passion

Your love is like
A rainbow
Full of color
Bending in ways
That send the son a prayer high
Conceding with flowers
My speech impedes
When its left to be
By heart that will see
The synaesthesias
Of desire

The moon wakes this restless desire inside
This night takes me to my dreams
And fantasies stream within
As I look beyond what I can see
Such temptations leave me
To sing as I stare at your picture
My tongue only knows how to pronounce
This name that takes me by the hand
And touches me with destiny
So marvelous, so beautiful
Your name is written in my heart
And thou shall forever by thy art.

the sun sets and
the night speaks as if indeed
I exist to witness
a sea of arousal in spirit
as you touch my hand
as you kiss my lips
as you stand in my presence
you cure my fascism
you cure my relativity
you cure my abilities
your eyes tell of your hidden prize
your words are as if pressed into resilience
and mark my words today
when I say I wish I could hand you a medal
for your treasured laughter
and your immeasurable sacrifice
pleasuring my insatiable
and relentless passion
for you

Springing to a song
Long ago
Introduces me to
Something beyond
Just marvelous
The fancy
The benign
The ravishing
Beneath the eye
Desires lay bequeath
The sun rises
To testify
How remarkable
You are