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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Your brilliance surpasses the mountains and lakes
It takes me beyond what meets the eye
And your fountain is dripping of keen supply
Enactments follow the description of your syllables
Your knowledge succeeds and meets with the nature of your walk.
Such a fair, prowess
Your kiss is as if….the root teases it’s flower
And your grace,
By far makes the succession of bows
Astound in pleasure
Your foxiness abides In your eyes
And you mend as if the last drop of gold lay in hand
Your bosom are as if warm salutations
Occupied by murmurs of infatuation
Your gird is like … the wings of an angel
Your hair is like strings of ingenuity
Your cheeks are as if marbled in rose
Your breastline is like diamonds to my eyes
Your thighs are like muscles that entice my insight
Your decisions are like confirmations of your heart
Your thoughts are like precious gems from above
Y\our skills are like a dynasty of suppression
Your words are like a manuscript from Egyptians
Your laughter is like a monument of freedom
Your knowledge is like passion restricted
Your fashion is like a wand of devotion
Your character traits are like a blind man’s dreams
Your monogamy is like a jeweled Friesian
Your desirability is like a tool for the imagination
Your sentences are like a disguise for your sanctity
Your sentiment conveys your power within
Your convictions are like an austere collection
Your power over me confuses my shoes
As if running to your magic

Dazzling streams of vivid imagination
Lustrous encounters of vivacious passions
Sparkling desires and captions
Robust harmony floats in your whispers
Zealous dreams and intense feelings
Mold your flight of hopes
And set sail to a blooming youth’s
Allegiance for renewal
Of insatiable deliverance of courage

Sparkling seas of motion
Dazzling trees of decision
Baffling displays of emotion
Pacifying matters of religion
Harmonizes a flattered toe
And a splattered soup
Making amends with a bow
We all tie laces with loops
Whispering seasons teases
With our insight
Engulfing passions pleases
The fire is enlightened
By your heart
Your movements are symbolic
And the pressures of this world
That part
Are by far
No different or remodeled
In someone else’s shoes

My Goal is to get you
to like poetry,
hyperbole, and semantics
genuinely completing a story of
insatiable words
and categorically emphasized
prisms of divinity
suffocating in the awareness of
value and interaction
that offers the life as freely
as enchantment is delivered
upon a regal attribute
is as it suffered in itself kept within me
This is why I speak
as a union meets is frontier
so does the delivery of my mere
fornication with words I adore.

Lace on rainbows
Chocolate chips on stars
The sight of kisses on a sparkling sea
A life of lollipops and lillies
Bring fulfillment to the leaves of trees
And a child’s dream
Bouncing through this world of chaos
Prompting a voice to twinkle
And to say,
have a marvelous,
delightful day


Who shall memorize your smile?
Who shall triumph in this law?
Who shall appease and beguile?
Who shall know your tears?
Who shall go the extra mile?
Who shall set time aside?
Who shall caress your fears?

Desires change and memories fade
When the passing fancy parade goes by
Yet when all else is dim and passions brim
You shall ever make me sigh!

the subtlessness of the wind

 sets in

with the breezes

the sun records this season

truly an empire was created

to honor the sea

by entirely

enchanting the zealous blue

the waves fall to a beat

that meets

 in your heart

pounding your mountain of deeds

and it seems you cast out

all that cheats

dedicating your life

to a power of goodwill

Sanctity from Within

My dress insists I’m a woman of integrity

Every day I watch the sunset

I feel it’s stare down into my soul

Imparting with my desires

And channeling my dreams

Having my truest hopes set in

Relaxes the jazz within to

Perform and entrance a state

Of magic relaying my abilities

And sourcing my cares

Truly I am the one and only

Person that can make my life

So perfect

Deciding to rise with the sun

And laying my spirit with the end of the day

Becomes a ritual

So in tune with a never-ending habitual

Ceremony that accuses me

Of everlasting sanctity within

and I feel one with the sun

Nestled within

Are dreams and sins

Bearing life and war

Of what I bore

Often I tease

With what appeases me so

Hovering and covering

What shoud be live

I refuse to hide

When life subsides

Im sure I will find

The brand that cures

Is also the pure inside

The delicate posture of the rose

Commands those

Who can sit in prose

Formatting with petals

And pouring your soul

Into the peaks of harmony

So tender a pull

This way and that

What has brought on such

Uniform simply

Institutes a poem and a use

Of words that deny gloom

Offers in its bloom

Aspiring in daylight

And reaching to the seas

Of infinity