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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Sparkling waters

The waves of continuity succeed

Temptations of the winds proceed

Blue waters sparkling as crystals

There is no end to it’s depths

Moving waves crashing

Arouses the senses

To meditate within

Cool breeze

Seems to breathe

In the rapture of the moment

The waves get higher

Then lower

Reaching a calming peak

Of still

The wake is born

And called

A warmth

Of heart

Time spills and puddles

The scene

such harmony is brought

to caress a tale

one that distills

and permeates

through the air

the light Is shown

as you wear your smile

let this next day

say to you

how marvelous

and true

to your spirit

you are

and let your rays

funnel your being

as you are running

to achieve

and believe

in something we cannot see

Tucking presents under the tree

Smiling about what will be

Sends messages to your soul

Snuggling and making memories

Hanging stockings full of secrets

Listening to the sound of caroling

You will never forget this security

That cleanses the night and day

Bringing richness and gladness

As you portray giving

Your spirit rests falling back

To the harmony of simplicity

Anticipating good fortune

 is never easy

Pleasing the soul

and teasing with what to say

Convicts even the heathens

After receiving presents from the north

Delivered with much more

Than a sleigh and reindeers

On Christmas Eve

The best things In life

Are the ones you cannot hold onto

Never too soon

Sets the eve to new bloom

A fantastic day Christmas is

Matching with my hearts content

Allows me to dream in color

and set to float my passions

as I say Merry Christmas

Flurries glisten ‘n fall

The trees listen as all

the children sing caroles

we hear a pair of

trumpets in the background

hoping to announce

Santa Claus

Today we gleam

With thankfulness and seem

To feel the magic that surrounds

In what abounds

Is our faith of mountains

This is what moves me to say

“Merry Christmas”

And Jesus is sincerely

The reason for this season

That we call “Christmas”

As we cherish each other

And learn to live to give

We come a little closer

to understanding who it is

That gifted us with his

Thy heart is full of flowers and stars

The magic is in how it tells a sound

 by what is heard or something bound

To desirability within

The harps may say to a string

Have it as you may

But it’s beneath it all

That surpasses hopes when all are lost

Refusing to give in

Rather musing a power

That steers you to the blue sea

Emphatically recharging itself

Is the oneness formed

When all calls cease

There is one that has no end

Beginning with “I”

Fill thy heart with gladness

And suffer thy will with happiness

Happiness that stretches to the sky

And fulfillment that marches

 to a beat within

I make amends with my past

But you can always contest this

The glory sits in a realm of a story

That is told when I am long gone

And it precludes hostility and chances lost

It summons the sun and

Is won in the passion recognized

With how I lived

Being enraptured by your kiss

Presents the bliss of your tongue

Departing reality and floating

In many pools of admirable qualities

Forms this season of monogamy

Pleasing just one offers the soul

Plenty requesting sovereignty

And delighting in what will unfold

Tempts the nature witin to behold

Something strengthened by this

Sentimental passion of a scroll

That dictates our lives

And falls to give homage

Upon receiving ones taste of elegance

I can stare at you until the darkness of night,

Trembling and quivering moves me to develop,

sounds on my harp that capture your presence

Fluently possessing  your mastery over me

Consciously my passion sits in remorse

Holding to the moment of your performance

Sends the treaties to the sky

Commemorating your remarkable and sensational beauty.

I enlist the sun to blow the wind

Into perfection

Always running free to move me

And I see that this day is soon to be

Remembered as conviction

And I feel at peace

 I ease my way into a classic search

For more

Undertaking the mold

 that created me to be bold

And redeeming my faith

 to search for the stars above

Prospers my soul

and I reach for the tips of heavens

And finally believe in grandiour