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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Happy New Year

The showers of the season come to an end

Nestled in the beginning of new

And proclaiming a few resolutions

Is the mark of the path that is traveled

In mind and spirit on this last,

dearest day of the year

Join me in a fashion that exploits

A triumph of happinesss

And declares this year as the best yet

Allowing all sadness to part

What touches this art

Is only daring and is usually cheering

To the blooming of new memories

Lets prepare for a year

Of fulfillment and let it reach

Into the sea of divinity

And let our futures be many full

Of dreams that manifest as we breathe

Fill thy heart with gladness

And suffer thy will with happiness

Happiness that stretches to the sky

And fulfillment that marches

 to a beat within

I make amends with my past

But you can always contest this

The glory sits in a realm of a story

That is told when I am long gone

And it precludes hostility and chances lost

It summons the sun and

Is won in the passion recognized

With how I lived

The fountain mingles with the ocean

And the seas with the rivers

The winds of the heaven mix forever

Leaving rays on the blossoming flowers

With   such   sweet emotion

All things by the law divine are lovely

Nothing is single

One moves the other

So spirits intertwine

Why not I with thine?

The mountains kiss the heavens

The hills kiss the pastures

The winds cling to one direction

The shutter of sins brings forgiveness

 To the sunlight that clasps the land

The moonbeams kiss the oceans

As sentiment stirs within

Oh how we delight in the majestic

What is  all this sweet worth

If though kiss not me?

When he pressed his lips to hers

An ease fell upon her as if her needs

And truest desires had been met

His hand cascaded down her arm

She noticed he had been teasing

 with her strap

To her satin dress

Her dress fell to her feet

Although she lay bare

He wrapped her within his tender words

The love that spilled from his mouth

Met her as his lips touched her breast

His flame was kindled and she never felt more

Enraptured by his delight

 she claims, “This must be like heaven”

She walks in beauty

Like the night

Of a cloudless, starry sky

The crescent moon shadows

 what soon comes with light

And an ache for ratification

Presents a tease with her soul

A unity commenced in forgiveness

Reaches past the hour and indulges

In the heavens above

She walks in beauty

And follows the sun

That lightens o’er her face

Glistening rays seeking a grace

Fulfills her smile serenely expressing thoughts

How pure, how dear their dwelling place

So soft, so calm, so eloquent

Her mouth wakes at each moment of inspiration

As the mountain peaks in goodness

Drifting desire by sea

Reaching for divinity

Pleasing the warmth within

A heart whose love is innocent

Gleaming with insight

And possessing righteousness

until the depth of this well fails

and she meets with a new peace

The Gift of Jesus

The warm sigh of mother Mary

Carrying her newborn

This splendid day of delivery

enchants us all

Christmas is not only a day

Of giving

It hosts undying love for our father

Who adores us all

Rejoicing in hallelujahs

Is what meets the brilliant morn

It seems beauty not only rests in

The white snow, but the bows and presents

That offer sentiment behind

commemorating our majesty

with love for all


The angels sing Hallelujahs

For unto us a child is born

designing everlasting praise

the sweet heavens whisper

to the one that lives to pay for our sins

the Christmas chorus reigns

in a joyful ringing to our ears

The lighted sky

brings brilliance

 to the most high

It is in this blessed morn

That stirs our form

To rejoice and serve

With gifts of joy

Not just on this day

But forever more

Superfluous rings in the temples

Exorbitant measures take place

Carrying with this hope of broadcasting

A newborn

The sweet asiatic lilies

 and splendid beauty of the patience

Brings subtle gentleness to your soul

Wondering what will come of this

One that was born

 into a life full of butterflies

And this cadence of flowers

Offers a taste of what is divine in life

Upholding to the beauty that can transform us all

So much passion is bottled up

Waiting to escape

It is stored in my laughter

And it hangs on my words

Sometimes it’s offered as the seat within

Pushing and differentiating complete tales

The strength comes when I behold

Of what spills into my plain

Offering the green hills

And something  that thrills

My aptitude

Forgiveness comes

When I’m carried into

It’s depth

Clearing me of my dismay

And never cheating my day

 it’s attached to my soul

And it always leave me wanting more

The sunset tells tales

Of a bridge in reality

Our dreams harbor a faith

That genuinely takes

Us to hope

The brilliance of the sky

Offers dazzling gems

That mark the day

As its own

Flowing the breathe

That makes us

Reaches to the tips of our destiny

Surpassing our fulfillment

To recognize only

The sanctity within