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Monthly Archives: November 2013

A Thanksgiving

Gathering with many

At a dinner that offers plenty

I take off my coat and scarf

Full of magic are

 the candlelit tables

The sparkling wine glasses are full

And the turkey is roasted

Waiting to be carved

 Holding to the gift of giving

with  a welcome receiving

And being thankful

By serving others with a platter

Is the tune that plays on thanksgiving

Listening to the chatter

And looking

at the serene mountains  of food

takes your waistline to new measures

as you dive into the dessert

a taste of  wonder

Touches the hearts of  many

Who always think of a way

To say

Happy  Thanksgiving

Such practice takes course

As I riddle and more

Through a stream of words

I find the ones and verbs

That magically find themselves

On that shelf

Witnessing a higher

And a mightier

Forecast impelling And sacrificing

Who they are to the page

Without haste and rage

With hope And a scope

That entails a chart

That takes part

With a cadence

They dance

And they chance

The tongue

Offering to be hung

On the ladder

As delivered

And said

unlike any other


Deploy me into an action

So lonely that I must muse myself

Into an accord

Where I find

Restitution in my own


Mark me with a kiss

That lifts my voice

And let it act

As a tone

That helps to mold me

Prosper me

Into the man

I see so far away

Bring closer

My fears

 So that I may mount

Them as I battle

For my own monument

And let me shatter

What seems hopeless

Of living in solitude

Bringing joy

To the one

That created my discharge

In field

Peel away my armor

And reduce me

To ensure

My mastery

Is endured

The right way

Forgo my brilliance

And watch me dance

 Into the light that created

This gift

Of deliverance

Proportionate to insight

My fortress is resting

In a Disguise


A regal temptation

Admitting it’s


Is as religious as

What shows through the sky

In light

Praising our days

With sight

Of the sun

The starry night fades into darkness

The owls sing and the birds leave

Such emptiness takes over

And then I realize my mind is

But a tool and I can create a new Dream

One without mosquitoes and bees

One that presents itself at it’s seams

As wonderous

And fulfilling and creates a quilt

And oppresses my weaknesses

The light that creates magic

Is also what entices my heart

And cannot call me lonely and in the dark,

I am but a resemblance of a care

One that exists to talent the day

And proves me to be happy

Whether at night or day or alone or not

This is my freedom

I exist in the root of passion

And inspiration

So that the sun always shines

And my nights are always full of stars

So many cures that we’re sure of

Always remarking on what we sew of

We offer life a flight of a tale

So many have sight of

In my view

I choose to keep right

About what tends to me

And what keeps me in the light of

The stream that is endless

And continues through the night of

Or in the day of

Never ceases but pleases

My journey

Allowing a tight

Scope of brilliance

To let hope know its

Found in what is white of

And so pure

Is the gate waiting for me

Showing me my beauty

Is but a delight of


Love, come sit with me and assist me with my future

so much beauty in your eyes

as you wink at me secretly exposing your thoughts

please testify my love is like a rainbow

endless and full of color


You’re my escape and my one true love

When my words meet the page

I see a storm of therapy coming my way

My satisfaction is in the pleasure

And mercy I bring to myself

Reaching for the top shelf branded words,

I wouldn’t rather be doing anything else in the world

My passion leaves me sorting through the dictionary of forgiveness

Because I’m never perfect

So the art is being formed

This collaboration of adjectives, nouns and verbs

Rarely knows its value,

As I exaggerate my way through lines that play into an orchestra

Let me always keep fighting for a new way to say how marvelous you are,


So many hours in the day

Say to me work harder,

I’m pressing to read farther

Then I id yesterday

It’s plain I make my boss happy

Running the errands and bringing to him the coffee

I think he sees my efforts and I’m hoping for a raise

So much plays into being an employee these days

Never being stagnant rather

Hoping to be a magnet for money

Under your drift seeming to take me

Using me incessantly to wake me

More latent than beaming in the wise

Much streaming in a disguise

Touch me and see me yearning to reach

Tease the romancing in my teaching

Loose is my dreaming of your sea

Luring and exalting me to be

Kept deeming in the practice

Crafts me instilling purpose

Still  reading the signs of your bread

Seasons obligating me to send and

Work me Learning to be bred

Ways so mature and instead

Of breaking me, you make me

into Sparkling.