Is a Writer a Mathematician?

It’s silly to think that I can make amends with words

When I use them so freely they never spell out right

Actually I give into their perception

They clean me and tear me to pieces all at the same time

It’s a good reaction to want to steer clear of me

When I hand in my essay

I’m so full of satisfaction I really feel boastful here

Let these words fondle within

And soon nothing will be hidden anymore

Let them fly as a kite

And see the depth of this sea

Truly the autumn is but disguise the spring

And vice versa all breeding into new life

The beginning must end

And the end must begin

So my words lay to paper

And I shout out to start my memoir

Every day I sit and write

Is another closer to perfection

In disguise I relate to what I type

It marks me and my ways

So to say

In disguise I’m a mathematician

Multiplying the depth of what can be and what is

I see these words

The they total much more than 180

You see here this can be a science or arithmetic

Or philosophy

These words are up to you to add up

However you like