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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Gathering with many

At a dinner that offers plenty

I take off my coat and scarf

Full of magic are

 the candlelit tables

The sparkling wine glasses are full

And the turkey is roasted

Waiting to be carved

 Holding to the gift of giving

with  a welcome receiving

And being thankful

By serving others with a platter

Is the tune that plays on thanksgiving

Listening to the chatter

And looking

at the serene mountains  of food

takes your waistline to new measures

as you dive into the dessert

a taste of  wonder

Touches the hearts of  many

Who always think of a way

To say

Happy  Thanksgiving


The starry sky matches

My heart

Touching the depth with an art

Of creation

Sending me to places

Of my dreams

And seems to contest

With bliss

Full of heaven’s mercy

And I wonder nursing

My pleasures

And profusely challenging

What measures me

As ambivalent

My verbs and nouns are

My bread and butter

What tops most

Is how I boast

About what I do

I’m living and breathing

In streams of forgiveness

Never leaving out the freshness

Of development and esteem

Reaching for a new platform

Beyond what I have draped in the past

for reasons that touch my horizons

and glimpse my dreams

and leaves me on my tippy toes

waiting for a new introduction


You say I write how I speak

And it’s clear I am meek

To deliver something of passion

That legally prosecutes

My fashion

Of this and that and slang

And rant

As I continue on this blog

Let me assure you

That I am wrong quite a bit

But my belief is bigger

Than any majesty

In the language I resume

And I stand

To tempt the best of my fingers

At typing and keeping in scope

My lingering testimony

Of how I came home

To writing with skills

That started

Long ago

Searing this language at it’s edges

Proclaims my ways and imagines

A sky full of harps and I say


Why do I shadow myself?

I stand tall and escapes me in all

Is my fashion for words

Telling and taling my way

Through the air that touches

And briskly dashes through

My sight

And I think I might see

Something of magic

Until I kneel

And I feel

The tease of what is wrapping around me

I let the butterfly from my hand soar

And watch as it’s wings devour

What I try to.

The Wind

The wind takes me beyond

What I can see

It pushes and excels me

And sends me into captivation

It purely reaches

The most tender places

And exists to press in me

What passions live

And I lean in

Hoping it soars my


To honoring

My dignity

Falling into prelude

This is who I am

And I melt into it

as it holds me

to higher limits

Time spills and puddles

The scene

such harmony is brought

to caress a tale

one that distills

and permeates

through the air

the light Is shown

as you wear your smile

let this next day

say to you

how marvelous

and true

to your spirit

you are

and let your rays

funnel your being

as you are running

to achieve

and believe

in something we cannot see

Sparkling waters

The waves of continuity succeed

Temptations of the winds proceed

Blue waters sparkling as crystals

There is no end to it’s depths

Moving waves crashing

Arouses the senses

To meditate within

Cool breeze

Seems to breathe

In the rapture of the moment

The waves get higher

Then lower

Reaching a calming peak

Of still

The wake is born

And called

A warmth

Of heart

Strolling through

Touching fabrics

Leaning into hats

The jewelry glistens

I can move

With the magic

That surrounds and has

Turned me to listen

To the specials

And sales

As I try on glasses

And watch the mirrors

The fun in shopping

Introduces me to colors

Seen in magazines

And I loosen my cheer

To redeem my coupons

And I give in to the pleasure

That these feeling bring

And I hear

As the salesperson declares

More sales


The clock ticks

The dawn rises

The day approaches

The clock ticks

The moon rises

The stars show

The clock ticks

Time listens

The ducks sit in a row

The clock ticks

Tales are told

The light glistens

From the torch