As I stand and watch as autumn takes its hold around me

I feel the chill wind that abounds within

It makes me draw my coat tighter and bind to me

 It teases me as it blows stronger

 trying to blow my coat off

I look up at the trees around me

 I see the chill wind as it blows through

 the leaves of the great maple

 As the wind gets colder

 the great maple’s leaves begin changing color

 Ever so slightly it changes from green to a bright red hue

  It seems as though the leaves are dancing with the breeze

 Then one by one

 the leaves begin to fall

 all inspiring me

 I find myself fascinated

 by this as I stand there gazing

 upon this spectacle

 I start dancing among the falling leaves

embracing the colors within me

 I can feel the leaves crunching under my feet

 All of a sudden

 I forget how cold it really is

and just embrace the scenery that is all around me

 Oh how amazing it truly is

This season called autumn