My posture exudes courage

And my passion includes desires

That keep me hoping

So open I feel today

Ready and never tired

I can make this the best time

Of my life if I can commit

Like I did yesterday

Today I will be ever so diligent

Resisting all temptations to lose hope

And looking yonder begetting

What comes from me

And offering the sun

It’s rays back

Into the sky that marks my path

In the clouds that form to my wrath

Here me roar as I leave

My mark and wash my face

Of your ways

You will not hold me back

I refuse to check my vision

I’m clearly in the scope of perfection with strength

So my mold is truly a correction

Of you and your ways

I will keep to my heart and press on with hope

And this is my art of creation

My life to you

I will live in endurance