Plastic Surgery?

I slowly pull my cheeks back with my hands

And find that what binds me to my beauty is my youth

And truly I look years younger as I play with my face

And pout my lips more and insist that my eyes can look bigger

If I can just see myself as I did when I was twenty

I would be more happy

These years that take from me

Only show me my past

Is it only this that drives me or can it be

Something more that makes me score

Myself as less than a ten

You send me into obsessions

With fake breasts and fake lips

You call me overweight

And you say you look better than me

Let me recall what you also told me

When I was eight years old

Because this is as much as you’ve aged to me

You fake, imbecilic person who gave me my complex

Deep down, I think I’m beautiful just the way I am