I feel like i’m on your ark of recovery that’s due

to take over the world anew,

.You take heart of my degree ,

.In the arts of losing temptations offers my bow and arrow at my feet,

So meets my foundation as glued to the breastplate of righteousness

also in tact, is my virtues and lists of who I am and want to be

in character sits my passion.

you rescue me with your desires and assist me with your cares.

so sturdy I walk in the helmet of salvation,

you dwell in the bell of my dress and you kiss my shoulders with laces

I face the world so different,

I know you helped sew this perfect attire

So gracious you are as I grip the shield of

faith, it drips of esteem and monogamy

And stripping myself of all doubt is how I exist persistently with no debt.

So also rests my  sword of spirit in hand

and precious you are as my master,

I will be your curator and may my legacy also command tyrants to choose

The blessings you offer as they lose their bands.

As I mature, I long for your will over mine

and will it find me in stature.