Every time I come to my computer

I tease myself with approval

You think this is easy

Pleasing myself with words

This mere stand of courage

It takes to pillage

The youth of pleasantries

Of the English language

And create something new

And true

To who I am today

Surrendering myself

To my surroundings

Of angelic proportions

Attesting to

My profession

Of living in blind hope

And seeking beyond what

May reach the eye

Triumphantly escaping into

The senses

According to a will,

So strong

It tears through

A ventured passion

To permit

My satisfaction

Is admittedly

In the presumption

That I can do better

This is why I continue

And you think this  is easy?

Join me and

Lets dare ourselves

To think beyond a box

And form

 in reaching hands together

In the sand

Making A castle of delivery

Achieving a mountain

So high

That it might even touch the sky

And let it testify

That in it


is our poetry