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Monthly Archives: October 2013

In tough times we rely on what we cannot see

It pleases me to reach into the depths of divinity

When i’m granted strength to hold on

I lay on the rock that God gave me

And think that I will never stop letting him use me

For my indifference is my purpose

And my righteousness dives into a stream

Formed with happy

I am content and my willow floats merry

You cannot see all that I am

I mark my path with what has found me

 to my knees Before

This is grandiour

And I will not regret

 but sweat

and extend of my skills

That have shattered me

I am in pieces hoping to achieve

An endless bouquet of words that

Can not only bring me empathy but also respect

So much magic fills the air

This autumn brings a sheer

Tone to harmony

Playing the harps

And singing with snare

Teaches me to be happy

Standing on what floats

This ship is set to sail

A last time for the year

I remember when

I couldn’t bear a day without the sea

Now it seems plain

What was religiously forming was my dreams

Happily met with nativity

Streams my passion

For relations

That has to do with divinity

Someday soon I will sail

To the moon and back

And what will play in my ears

Are the tempers of the wind

Staring at me and sending me

Nearly to my limits in a fashion

That exudes my courage

Brilliance in the sky

So blue and true to your colors

Are your ways

Offering me a new disguise

As I am so wise to feel free

And rested as I imagine

What floats next in the sky

The comfort, the magic

That has taken place today

So wonderful and plentiful of dreams

I am ready to take on my next day

With you full and robust with clouds

Taking over my hopes and desires

I see clearly today as I make my way

Through another,

That plays into my honor

 and commitment to thy will

this sun plays the harmonica

and sounds as if angels playing

in the wind to my satisfaction

I am plenty ready to begin

And reach for inspiration

That has no end

They float in the air

And touch the depths of what is rare

And stronger they are as a pair

They can be found on ground

Pushing and pursuing, lifting

The living to never ending resources

Breathing in the sky

Is so high and sees the truth

Behind so many youthful falls

Today I’m delivered and I’m set free

To be all I can be.

I have an inner wind
She moves me into captivation
She approves of me and my content
Reaching for the tips of the flowers
She decides to bloom me
In all my best of days
She takes control and possesses me
To never end and muses me
To perfection so allegory
It makes me profess my faith
To myself and rests
In every way I perform
Miracles of believing in myself


So bland is the sand between my feet

Always meeting me at ease

Watching the sun

And broadcasting a future

So in line with my vision

Of sublime difference

Allow me to rest

In this beauty

This is the best of my life

Today irrefutably

Living in this chest

Allows me to overcome my past

So let me be

Seeing the new me

Is in the heart of


Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

It’s time to tell you

Just how wonderful you are

Happy Birthday

And let this special day

Bring you closer to your dreams

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Let your birthday show you

A perfect day

True to who you are

By reveling in the magic

Of this anniversary

Let this light

Shine into your life

And let it find you

With hopes and dreams

That breathe into your

Promising future

Happy Birthday

This is a special day

To hold onto throughout the year

Marking the day

You were born

You’ve shown

Me that life is nicer

With you in it

Let my commitment to you

Help Show you this day

And through our life together

Just how special you are

It’s a joy just thinking of you

What you bring to others lives

Unfolds as a song

Many a tunes suffice

But today

I make the headline

Just singing Happy Birthday

Let this tell you how much I love you

And kick back and relax

To enjoy the melody