Poetry Today, Songs Tomorrow

Monthly Archives: September 2013

My purpose

Leaves me to sorts

Telling me of what pours

My spirit into the depth

Of eternity

Leaning into the sea

Of infinity

Closer to the end

Of what sacrifices

It’s known

Bend of a learning


I step over rocks

I look at the clock

It’s time you say

To knock at my calling

So hard locking

In my dreams

A stream of

A fountain

Holds to extreme


Never accusing

The beginning

But forming

In a mock up

Of what truly


To the mold

Of docking

Is not


But in lifting

the unlimited



Lord, your ways meet me in such good taste

Before you I stand to implore you

I beseech thee

Please see me as clean and pure

Redeem me

 and share with me your dove of love

bless me

and never forget me

I am now one with you


My beauty surpasses all wonders

And distinguishes the meaning

Of love as the mark of the world


Lord, my life is such a gift

Don’t let me miss out on it

You take me to the shadows of the darkness

And push me to take heart of a new me

One I don’t like

Press in me better decisions than yesterday

Bear with me every last escape

And never let me take the easy way out

Forgive me for my train of thoughts

Instill courage as I see the truth

Be in harmony with me

And charm me into a new conception

I need you more than ever right now

Today and tomorrow

Keep me strong


My beauty reforms my soul

And in it I hear the beat of my heart

Changing today prominently in dignity

As I say

may I charm you into a new view?

I’m first place ribbon

I’m seen as berries

I’m eaten in pies

I can be a smurf

I can be painted on a wall

I can’t be seen in the fall

I can be the color of eyes

Or a ball

I can be feathers of a bird

I’m the color of jeans

I quench thirst as juice

And my name is blue


Lord, I honor you with my telescope

Let me see through it all my dreams

Let it show me my own constellations

 and Let me discover your will through it

Magnify my skills

And let me sing to the stars At night

hoping you hear my voice in flight.

My beauty is in what is folded into my heart

It lies open and untouched

so as to mark the beginning of eternity

Flowing through it moves me to say,

Can this water offer elegance to wonder?

And is it fruitful?


Lord, my confidence comes from something above

Give me my perception of life back!

I was so happy just yesterday

My beauty is in the journey you say

Give me my hope back!

Deplete my weaknesses

And complete my days with happiness

Say to me “I love your ways”

It seems I’ve lost my marbles

And am in a craze these days of darkness

 the depth is in what stares back at me in the mirror

Help me see the truth of what conforms me

Is also born in me