Poetry Today, Songs Tomorrow

Monthly Archives: September 2013

Changing times bring me to sigh

I wash away my tears

Hoping to rid myself of my fears

The fire that prospers my spirit

Is also what I hear of as the cure

For my despair

Come to me

And bring me

what also sings to me

Love, what an odd position you put me in

Telling me that we have to move for your job

Let me prove my love for you doesn’t depend

On our address

I love you and will follow you anywhere

The raindrops fall to the petals of the flowers

The leaves fall from the trees

This storm brings glory

Leaving behind a touch of seasons changing

So many blessings come from what seems to breed turmoil

The bees may hide and the branches may fall

But after all is gone and over

I know there will be more power given to the ones

That honor their own shower of forgiveness


Standing sideways leaves her body to be but a silhouette

Slightly in the shade she moves closer to the tree

As she glances to her left she sees the marking of an imprinted heart

This art was formed in memory of her true love

Some have said he is deceased but she knows his soul always lives

Wedding vows

My vows to you play into a passion like the rays of the sun

So tenderly is my heart yearning to be one with you

On our journey together

 Let’s always remember to promote goodwill In each other

And let’s never give into failure

As we walk down this road that leads us to divinity

 let’s always hold dear our God who made us one

And lets us always cheer for each other

 as if we carry the tune to our destiny

Drifting in the sea

I swear I will be

A unit of compromise today

And tomorrow you will Stare

at the sores on my feet

I will not judge you

I know you are helpless

Dripping in esteem

I cure my beginning

Of arthritis

In my mind

I’m so old

Can I find my last


And will it show

Me my true


My purpose

Leaves me to sorts

Telling me of what pours

My spirit into the depth

Of eternity

Leaning into the sea

Of infinity

Closer to the end

Of what sacrifices

It’s known

Bend of a learning


I step over rocks

I look at the clock

It’s time you say

To knock at my calling

So hard locking

In my dreams

A stream of

A fountain

Holds to extreme


Never accusing

The beginning

But forming

In a mock up

Of what truly


To the mold

Of docking

Is not


But in lifting

the unlimited



My beauty surpasses all wonders

And distinguishes the meaning

Of love as the mark of the world