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Monthly Archives: September 2013

2nd chance

Love, your patience is endless

And you give me this second chance

To be yours again

I’m truly devoted to you

In so many ways I love this dance of life

In what performs in my heart

Can compare to an art form

Monumentally changing

the seasons from my soul

I’m forever yours


You watch me and it takes me higher

 than I thought I could be

When you touch me it makes me feel

as if in flight

When you kiss me I feel free

When you sing to me

It’s as if an angels tone

When you wink at me it’s as if we share secrets

All I want to be is your number 1

Let’s go have some fun in life

 I love you

The smell of the ocean

Sends me to places

Only in my dreams

So often my mind drifts

And takes me back

To past memories

I’m lifted

With this scene

Of delivery

Of my spirit

And I choose

To sing

And praise

My Lord


Your fountain offers it’s perfection

In it’s reflection

Your palace is made of stone

So much entices me about you

I’m prone to stick

With my connection with you

My glass is half full today

As I lay in different seasons

I always know you are

My only constant in life

I love you


So many jokes I hear of

Some offer a puddle of treason

And others shock me by mocking me

I’m so stubborn just give me a cupboard of dishes

And I’ll switch with you

Because soon you will be getting dished

what you are due

The echoes of the hallways

 perform on this scene

 as a tempered beat

of peoples feet

So much confusion meets my ears

As I have them open

hoping to hear

 the secrets of the women

coming here

To meet me for lunch

I’m heading

to go shopping with them

We’re going to find

 all the sales and deals of the day

What a wonderful afternoon

Full of lobbying and hopping

 from store to store

We were born for this

Changing times bring me to sigh

I wash away my tears

Hoping to rid myself of my fears

The fire that prospers my spirit

Is also what I hear of as the cure

For my despair

Come to me

And bring me

what also sings to me