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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Love, your beauty rests in your smile

You have so much to offer the world

I want to give you this pearl as a promise

To always go the extra mile for you

It’s true I’m a fool for you

And I pledge to always honor you


So many perfumes I smell in the air

Each flower has it’s other pair

So many share their colors as if

Working without a care

What a beautiful array

That shows my true feelings

So much sentiment behind stems

That have petals

Always opening to offer their power

As they shower you with peace

Love, so many thrills in life

But what often kills me the most

Is when I disappoint you

Forgive me for letting you down

This letter is due to find you In tears

But my fear is losing you

Let’s reboot our relationship

And start anew

I love you

20 year anniversary

Love, you cover my weaknesses

and uncover My strengths

We’re so perfect you and I,

So many people never find,

true love

I know how fortunate we are

I will never hide my feelings from you

As we make this new chapter of our lives

And spend another twenty plus years together

Let’s always take pride

 in what we offer eachother

a love that can reach the moon in just blissful laughter,

I love you

Love, so many times I lay awake at night

Thinking of all the things that went right in my day

Let me take a minute to say

How much you mean to me

Tomorrow might seem dreary

But as long as I hold onto thoughts of you

I can get through any course

I’m forever yours

2nd chance

Love, your patience is endless

And you give me this second chance

To be yours again

I’m truly devoted to you

In so many ways I love this dance of life

In what performs in my heart

Can compare to an art form

Monumentally changing

the seasons from my soul

I’m forever yours


You watch me and it takes me higher

 than I thought I could be

When you touch me it makes me feel

as if in flight

When you kiss me I feel free

When you sing to me

It’s as if an angels tone

When you wink at me, i feel protected

All I want to be is your number 1

Let’s go have some fun in life

 I love you


So many jokes I hear of

Some offer a puddle of treason

And others shock me by mocking me

I’m so stubborn just give me a cupboard of dishes

And I’ll switch with you

Because soon you will be getting dished

what you are due

The echoes of the hallways

 perform on this scene

 as a tempered beat

of peoples feet

So much confusion meets my ears

As I have them open

hoping to hear

 the secrets of the women

coming here

To meet me for lunch

I’m heading

to go shopping with them

We’re going to find

 all the sales and deals of the day

What a wonderful afternoon

Full of lobbying and hopping

 from store to store

We were born for this