Life’s shoes

I’m merely a person seeking redemption

I want to fulfill my connection

To the world

So help me God as I find new shoes

My last ones were severely tampered with

My attitude was running wild

Clearly I was deceived by their platform

Hoping to numb their feats with the ground

Never really feeling what was bound

To get in their souls

My new ones will offer me freedom

With toes that are open facing the sun

I hope to model someone today

Someone that was once young

At heart

Help me gladden my miseries

And pour me into the richness of my destiny

And forever let your will be done

Don’t let me apologize anymore

For wearing holes through my shoes

Pardon my sores

And let them remind me

Of what was once binding me

As I lose my memories

Of my past and can only see it as

A fraction of my life.

MY life is in my satisfaction

As I wear what makes me happy

Today and tomorrow.