You take me to places

In my dreams

That tempt me

To say ‘how grand I could be”

Lifting my passions

And making me reach

As if I have no fears

And no more tears for this life

Because In you

I find my best


Give me a power

And they may shower me

With a pride

That I find in myself

So many stories I lay at your door

Hoping you can see the true me

My destiny

Includes who it is I can be

And who I am today

Leads me

To realize

I already have my greatest love

In me

With you

We can be

Beyond a shadow of a doubt

The best couple

I’ve ever known of

My love

Without careless worries

And so in tune

Is the song that we declared as ours

So long ago

Let it tell our story tomorrow

As we live in countless predictions

That give us our benedictions

To lead our own way

With true love.