You leave me begging

For endeavors met

In snow

So cold it is today

Waiting for you to come

How do I have fun without you

Tugging at me is what is new

Yearning to be someone so true

To who I am in my dreams

Smiling at myself

Comes the stream of hope

Never out of scope

But in the power of my will


Comes from the sun

With rays of days

Met as one

With the beginning of time

Come to me and inspire me

To sing again

Bring your warmth

And shower me with forgiveness

It is only you I want

Remember this testimony

Is regarded as the rays

From what tells me the truth

Without you I have no passion

So much courage it takes

To ration my time

In perspectives in sight

With what might make me

Into marvelous

Take me to your depth

And create in me

The wealth that I want.